Eva Johnsson

Eva Johnsson

Eva Johnsson brings to TEDxStockholm her long experience working in communication and media relations for global companies. Currently she has her own business and is a speaker and trainer in the field of communication, specializing mainly in intercultural topics.

She is fascinated by the many ways in which culture impacts our everyday work and likes the challenge of finding ways for people to work more effectively together. Everyone benefits from meeting different cultures, she believes, since it gives us new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Eva was attracted to TEDxStockholm by the concept of “ideas worth sharing”, a concept that enriches everyone in the community.  She also has a passion for networking and enjoys being a part of the TEDx community, which is a great opportunity to meet new people.

Outside of her professional interests, Eva loves to sing and for many years she has been a member of a choir in Stockholm, regularly performing at concerts.