TEDxStockholm’s community is proud to announce its next yearly event “Differentia 2015″. With over 400 attendees and 10+ speakers and artists Differentia represents the biggest TEDx conference ever organized in Stockholm. The event will focus on the concept of diversity and the potential of creating innovative solutions in society by coming together from very different professional and cultural backgrounds.

We impact on our society by setting ourselves apart from others. At times, it seems that the distinction for which we strive not only makes the world a unique place but also presents a challenge us to work together. There are individuals who understand how to utilize the differences which make up our society. TEDxStockholm’s “Differentia” will host entrepreneurs, athletes, professors, and other inspiring visionaries who have discovered a method of harnessing these differences to create a unique solution to a common problem.

TEDxStockholm’s events have become among the most successful of their kind in Europe. Now, in order for the idea of “Differentia” to be successful, everyone has to be involved. The Stockholm community includes a plethora of diverse individuals with even more unique worldviews aching to make a positive impact on the community. Therefore, we invite all TED fans, innovators, entrepreneurs, and idea lovers to come and give their part in being different to make a difference.


Date: 16th of February 2015

Time: 14:00 to 19:00

Location: Södra Teatern

Check out the Talks from the event here


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