Join the core team

How grateful we are you are interested in joining the core TEDxStockholm team! As TEDxStockholm is a non-profit organization, the entire team is run by Team members and volunteers on their free time whom contribute to the focus of Ideas Worth Spreading in Stockholm.

There are different ways someone can contribute to the organization on a deeper level.

The Team is responsible for the day-to-day operations and planning of the events and activities through out the year. The Team is organized into 5 teams- Production, Speakers, Communications, Members, and Partners.
Positions on the Teams open up yearly, and on a as-needs basis. Depending on your experience and skills, there may be a team where you can contribute the most. Generally we are looking for people that have a keen interest in TED, experience with some sort of event/activity/group organizing, and the ability to be flexible working in an international group.

By joining the team you declare to have read our bylaws and confirm your intention to become a member of our non-profit organization. The membership is valid throughout this calendar year (until December 31). We will ask your name, email, and date of birth!