Charles Lafage

Charles Lafage

Communication Team

Charles never applies a recipe. He looks at how things are usually done and tries something new, because innovating is the only sure way to learn something.

He’s always been attracted to original ideas and skillful communication, so TED talks are his favorite brain-snacks. He doesn’t have a clear memory of the first one he ever watched, but he remembers being moved to tears watching this one on his morning bus ride across the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

After several back and forth transatlantic moves, his journey has most recently brought him to Stockholm. Presented with the opportunity to join the TEDxStockholm team, he thought “that’s something new” and jumped right in.

He can often be found rock climbing, practicing yoga, cooking up an awesome Boeuf Bourguignon (without a recipe) or travelling the world with his family. Sometimes, he also works as a marketing strategy consultant.