Francisca Hoyer

Francisca Hoyer

Speakers Team

Francisca is a professional rethinker and contextualizer; in other words: a historian. She earned her PhD with a study about globalization and family life in the 18th century. Digging into the sources of the past, she unearths stories that challenge some of our most common assumptions about human nature, stories that often surprise and unsettle and that provide us with alternative modes of thinking and acting.

After studying how people in the past coped with and shaped significant transformation processes like globalization, Francisca now delves into the field of AI and digitization and its impact on people, societies and democracies.

Originally from Germany, Francisca moved to Sweden in 2016. She speaks English, Swedish and German and enjoys working in international environments. She also likes to expose herself to new social contexts and challenges, and she loves to hike.

As part of the TEDxStockholm Team, Francisca is always looking for contemporary, fascinating and inspiring stories and ideas worth spreading.