Solveig Rundquist

Solveig Rundquist

A clever person once said that having a dream you don’t pursue is like buying an ice cream cone and watching it melt all over your hand.

It wasn’t Solveig, but she likes to think it was.

Solveig is a whimsical wordsmith and wanderer who transplanted spontaneously from the US to Sweden in 2013, and has never looked back.

She has too much energy to limit herself to one area of expertise, and so she spends her days (and nights) as a journalist, social media expert, community manager, proofreader, professional dancer, and established social butterfly. Her biggest passions are correct grammar (with an Oxford comma, thank you), dance, and really good wine.

Solveig also adores meeting new friends and connecting various groups of people for everyone’s benefit – making her a natural fit for the partnerships team at TEDxStockholm!