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A TEDx Talk is a showcase for speakers presenting great, well-formed ideas in under 18 minutes. When searching for speakers, we keep in mind there are different types of talks – not every speaker’s talk will be exactly the same.

Potential TEDxStockholm speakers can be nominated by anyone – a friend, someone in the community, themselves, a colleague, etc. All potential speakers are reviewed by the Speakers team, and undergo intense coaching before standing on the TEDx stage.

No previous public speaking experience is necessary, as we believe anyone with dedication and a great idea can become a speaker. We are looking for people with unique ideas to share through storytelling – not lectures, product pitches or personal promotion.
We are looking for ideas that are new, interesting, and impactful, given by people who are experts in their field. The topics preferably fall into one (or a few) areas of Technology + Entertainment + Design as well as Science and Education, though other topics are much appreciated!

We follow TED policy of no talks on politics, religion and pseudoscience.

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TEDxStockholm will only respond to applications if it is determined to further the nominee in the selection process. The application process is open all year-round, but it is suggested to apply before the Spring of each year.