Contribute to the community

How exciting that you want to contribute to the TEDxStockholm community within a volunteer position! As TEDxStockholm is a non-profit organisation, the entire team is run by people who volunteer their free time in order to contribute to the focus of Ideas Worth Spreading in Stockholm.

The Volunteers are members of the community that provide additional support during the actual day of the events. Anyone can register as a volunteer, with positions being released a couple weeks before the event.

Volunteers play an important role in ensuring the event runs smoothly by assisting the Team members, and providing enthusiastic energy to the attendees. The type of person that makes the best volunteer is one that is,
Friendly with a positive attitude.
Willing to contribute.
Believes in the Ideas.Worth.Spreading motto.
Flexible, someone who can adapt to quick changes.
Able to communicate in Swedish or English.

You will only be contacted closer to the date of the event.