Atrium Ljungberg is one of Sweden’s largest listed real estate companies. The company owns and manages roughly one million square metres distributed among Swedens four largest cities, but mainly in the Stockholm region. The portfolio consists of around 50 properties with a total market value of SEK 40 billion. Atrium Ljungberg is one of few Swedish real estate companies that manages the complete spectra of businesses, where traditional property types such as offices and retail are combined and integrated with cultural activities, education and public services. Our focus lies within creating cities with a sense of entirety, an entirety that permeates the overall environment as well as the mix of businesses.

Our belief is that successful areas and places are developed through well elaborated content planning and alongside future habitants and users. We have a forward thinking approach that focuses on today’s generation as well as generations to come, which demands for innovative urban planning and a general attitude towards continuous learning.

Initially we encountered the TEDx Stockholm organization during an event on Nobelberget in Sickla, where our joint interests in innovation and urge for learning became clear. TEDx Stockholm is a very interesting and inspiring organization with a pronounced focus on innovative processes, education and knowledge sharing that we match very well with. We are curious to see what the upcoming year will generate, but are convinced that there are many mutual synergies to be investigated.

TEDx Stockholm consists of a variety of interesting, intelligent and prospective people, which real estate companies can learn from. Atrium Ljungberg has a modern and encouraging approach towards innovations where we through our partnership with TEDx have the possibility to further tailor our processes. We want to be a driver for innovation in the Swedish real estate business where a fundamental part of that process is to learn from other industries.