Potential TEDxStockholm speakers can be nominated by anyone – a friend, someone in the community, themselves, a colleague, etc. All potential speakers are reviewed by the Speakers team, and undergo intense coaching before standing on the TEDx stage.

We are looking for ideas that are new, interesting, and impactful, given by people who are experts in their field. The topics preferably fall into one (or a few) areas of Technology + Entertainment + Design as well as Science and Education, though other topics are much appreciated!



Positions on the Teams open up yearly, and on a as-needs basis.

Depending on your experience and skills, there may be a team where you can contribute the most. Generally we are looking for people that have a keen interest in TED, experience with some sort of event/activity/group organizing, and the ability to be flexible working in an international group.



Partners and Sponsors are a vital and integrated part of TEDxStockholm. With their generous financial and in-kind support, our non-profit organization is able to continually fullfill our mission of Ideas Worth Spreading throughout the Stockholm community.



How exciting that you want to contribute to the TEDxStockholm community within a volunteer position!

The Volunteers are members of the community that provide additional support during the actual day of the events. Anyone can register as a volunteer, with positions being released a couple weeks before the event.

Volunteers play an important role in ensuring the event runs smoothly by assisting the Team members, and providing enthusiastic energy to the attendees.