Agnes Adolfsson Lindberg

Agnes Adolfsson Lindberg

Speakers Team

Amélie is a born advocate who always finds a good opportunity to stand up for the causes she is passionate about. For her, volunteer work has almost become a lifestyle, as she has always been keen on giving back to her community, and sees it as a way to exercise active citizenship.

Amélie has a background within political science, economics, and international relations, but has worked in various fields, from teaching to customer service, diplomacy and even journalism.

Originally French-German, she has been based in Stockholm with her Danish partner for the past five years, where she enjoys the best Swedish culture has to offer: nature, fitness, and fika.

She joined TEDxStockholm because she believes everyone has a story that deserves to be heard, which is why she hopes this platform can be used to amplify underrepresented voices.