Sibongile Chaza

Sibongile Chaza

Speakers Team

Sibo is a global citizen who comfortably calls several countries and cities home. Having lived and worked in six countries across four continents, she embraces the joys and challenges of change and adaptation while finding space to authentically be herself in new seasons. Combined with her passion for people development, these experiences have provided her with a deep understanding of varied cultures and the significance of flexibility in professional pursuits.

With a career dedicated to supporting individuals across diverse industries and backgrounds, Sibongile has refined her expertise in guiding individuals through finding the beauty and strength in creating their own narratives as they navigate finding spaces to thrive in work and society.

One of her guiding philosophies is rooted in prioritizing human-centric principles, empowering individuals to define their unique aspirations and navigate toward fulfillment and excellence. Through fostering an environment of collaborative exploration, she facilitates the discovery of ideal problem spaces, enabling optimal performance and personal growth.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sibongile is fueled by an insatiable curiosity for cultural exploration and human behavior. Whether immersing herself in diverse cuisines, experiencing the vibrancy of theater, or venturing into the great outdoors, she seeks to uncover the richness of the world and find inspiration in its myriad facets.

Sibo’s dedication to lifelong learning and a passion for uncovering the extraordinary in the ordinary led her to the TEDxStockholm community to further contribute to the collective dialogue of innovation and inspiration!