Sidney Pereira Da Silva

Sidney Pereira Da Silva

Production, Partnership Team

Sidney is originally from Brazil. He is passionate about different languages, cultures, arts, philosophical ideas, and UFO stories. He has recently found an interest in the lifelong learning process and the ‘Knowledge Economy’ approach for development.

Originally a professional dancer, he then graduated in journalism and completed an MBA in Marketing. Currently enrolled at Stockholm University’s Master Program of Education, he believes strongly in education as a key to mitigate social inequalities. Sidney’s aim is to be a Professor.

Presently he works as a freelancer in events, and provides support to the non-profit organization Nya Kompisbyrån, specifically on projects focusing on cultural integration.

The reason for joining the TEDxStockholm team is because, as he states, “it is an environment where cosmopolitanism of different cultures emerge to create something meaningful to the world, and the content of TEDx makes a difference to many persons, as it does for me.”