Veronika Novackova

Veronika Novackova

Production Team

Veronika is driven by curiosity and is passionate about people and cultures, but most importantly its diversity.

She is a language enthusiast, who speaks nearly 5 languages fluently and some basics in many more. Because of her love to travel- probably indicated by her birth in the Czech Republic, upbringing in Austria, work in Switzerland and her move to Stockholm in late 2018- she visited 37 countries throughout 3 continents. Her bucket list of ”places and things to explore” is still quite long.

Veronika has a university degree in communication studies and is a certified dance pedagogue. She works as a personal assistant within health care and volunteers regularly for good causes. Commonly, her friends and colleagues are describing her as the – good vibes lady –
In her spare time, she fills with Arts – especially Dance, Music and Photography. She loves being out in nature and taking dips in freezingly cold waters.

Being part of TEDx means – living out her passion for co-creating magic and supporting great minds to be seen and heard.