Privacy Policy

We respect the confidentiality of your personal data. We comply with all applicable data privacy legislation regarding the processing and storage of your personal data. We will only use your personal data only for the purpose that you have given your permission.

We do not share your information with non-selected partners. All information will be kept as confidential unless given consent by the user.

The TEDxStockholm have not and will not share your personal information with others. However, as can arise in our activities where we arrange cooperative actions or activities we will endeavour to ensure that you do not receive multiple invitations such co-sponsored events. We will only share your name and surname with our event partner organisations to prevent repetitive invitations to our specific events. No email or phone information will be shared with any third party.

How you can withdraw consent to be emailed by us or unsubscribe from receiving emails.

If you wish to stop receiving emails from TEDxStockholm, you can do this by emailing to remove from further occasional updates about events and activities.

Please reach out if any questions, comments, or concerns.